Comes in pdf, mobi and epub formats for your reading pleasure. You'll also get the latest version of the Rock and Roll with 2 book (running in ), just . Rock and Roll with has always been kept up to date (with a Since the book only exists in electronic form (pdf, mobi and epub), I'm. An introduction to Ember JS for building ambitious web applications . Reading this fabolous book “Rock and Roll with” written by.

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Rock and Roll with - This book accelerates your learning of Ember application (a musician index called Rock'n'Roll Call), using routers, templates Introducing and Ambitious Web Applications. Ember, Ember Data, Ember CLI. • Most often Ember CLI => Build process, generators, ES6. • Ember Data Rock and Roll with Ember ebook - paid. • Ember.

It does this in a very pragmatic way, by leading the reader through the building of an actual Ember application, and introducing just one new concept in each chapter.

Where were you at in the book writing process before reading Authority? I had some of the material ready, though, since I made a screencast series where I built a more primitive version of the app developed in the book.

How long did it take you to write the book?

However, I did not start from scratch as I had made a screencast series and also extended the app built in the screencast in further blog posts. I wrote most of the book mostly in the evenings and sometimes on Fridays which I usually reserve for non-client work.

Resources for Learning Ember.js

What did you do to promote the book leading up to launch? Leading up to the launch I tried guest posting and personal promotion conferences and the local Ember meetup. I also did a little promotion on Twitter. How were the revenue and sales from the book?

I got little headway because I was straddling the which Ember should I study line. When asking for ideas on the best approach I got the advice of sticking to 1. The Ember community is really friendly and really smart.

Of course the best source of Ember information is the the Ember website and the community. What is Ember.

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Ember Community and Available Resources I like to soak in the the components of a framework. Here are some things that I found along the way. I looked around other authors and Adolfo seems to be amazingly eager to keep his book and his readers up-to-date.

Have you heard of 24 x 7 support for a book?

Lots of helpful folks and it seems flame-free for newbies though you should of course do some due diligence before asking questions. However, I started to notice a sharp drop in the frequency of new downloads about weeks ago. Note from Nathan: During launch a much higher percentage of people will download the top tiers. Over time that will skew in favor of the lower tiers.

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The guest posts only brought in a meager number of new subscribers which I was quite bummed about but did not really know how to improve that funnel or come up with alternative ones. I launched to 1, people which means that I collected emails in during the 6 months I was writing the book. Part of the low number, I think, is due to the Ember community being small, but there is definitely room for improvement.

How to generate a feeling of urgency. These are just the ones that come to mind, there is definitely more: I then switched to vim towards the end for writing the book.

I used middleman a ruby static site generator to generate the chapters in html and then to pdf. I used Mailchimp for the email list and Gumroad for managing my products and payment.

I would like to come up with a way to increase my monthly revenue from the book and do a relaunch in the coming months some time after Ember reaches 2. I love stories like this.

Making $12,500 in 3 months with a book on ember.js

A successful launch to a small audience. If Balint continues to build on this product and grow an audience around Ember.

You can still get the new course for the old price until tomorrow. Subscribe to stay in the loop.He has some code examples but this code forms a partial application. If I stick with 1.

It would be fantastic to publish it on 18th of February, exactly 3 years after the first version of the book was released but that's probably too tight a deadline, not least because Ember 3. RARwE 3 Early Access program If you want to read early versions of the new book before it's released you can sign up to the Early Access program right now.

Building Web Apps with Ember.js (pdf)

Query parameters in Ember Sorting the list of songs Sorting an array of items Changing the sorting criteria The handy mut Filtering songs by a search term Adding a dash of query parameters Using links instead of buttons Taking a look at what we made. Once you understand these, Ember is not that hard. I offer a student discount. Please try again.

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