Permutation City EPUB. by Greg Egan. Download - Immediately Available. Please note: eBooks can only be downloadd with a UK issued credit card and all our. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Greg Egan is a Hugo-award winning author (with eight Permutation City - site edition by Greg Egan. Download it once. I just finished reading this one and wow is all i can say. The story had the right amount of hard/speculative/dense science/computer jargon to.

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Upgraded. Neil Clarke Author Benjanun Sriduangkaew Author (). cover image of Permutation City. Permutation City. Greg Egan Author (). cover image. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Permutation City Greg Egan PDF Download permutation city greg egan in EPUB Format. Download zip of. 年3月25日 Read online or Download Permutation City by Greg Egan Permutation City e.b.o.o.k epub electronic book Permutation City by Greg Egan for.

To experiment on or delete such a person would be cruel and unethical, not to mention absolutely beastly.

Virtual Reality as portrayed in this book is actually a layer of reality where actions tend to have consequences which are just as "real" to the people in this environment. Without going into the synopsis this book is essentially about what constitute reality, an examination of the nature of the consciousness, and the implication and psychological impact of digitization of personalities for the original people and the "Copies".

This cover nicely depicts the virtual city. The sf trope of digitizing or simulating personalities utilized so well in Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon is done even better here. For me the sticking point of this trope is that I do not believe that the digital version of myself would really be me regardless of the accuracy of the backup, if I am dead and gone the digital replacement would bring me back to life.

There is no "right answer" to this question, it depends on your personal belief. However, the issue is very well explored here: "To me, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the chance to be imitated by a computer after my death is just … farcical.

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I still have a sense of proportion. Whatever a Copy of me might think, if one was ever run. How time can be slowed down in the virtual world the word "cyberspace" suddenly seems a bit quaint so that the time in reality just whizzes by. There are "slow clubs" and slums for "Copies" of less well to do people who can not afford the expense of running their virtual counterparts in or near real time.

I just ordered a copy of Diaspora on the strength of your rec and support from the other comments. I read Permutation City years ago, I really like it, but haven't read another one from him since. I haven't read this since a year or two after it out, so my memory of the details is a bit hazy.

But I never really bought into the whole premise of "it doesn't matter what order they're in, as long as all the pieces are there".

An interesting read, but I kinda felt it was the weakest of his early works. If you haven't read Quarantine , check that out.

Although I felt like the ending was a bit of an anticlimax, but again an interesting read. I enjoyed Diaspora and Distress , but Egan's habit of setting his stories in crapsack universes populated particularly in his latter stories by pretty unlikable characters kinda wore down my interest in reading anything more from him.

Also I recommend checking out Axiomatic, it's an excellent collection of short stories, several of which happen in the Permutation City universe.

The main theme of all the stories is something related to identity, consciousness, what makes you who you are, and other such topics. Really a great read.

Permutation City

Aximoatic was my first contact with his work and after the very first short story in the collection I was hooked and since than I read everything I could get my hands on. Diaspora blew my mind.

Permutation City was great but Diaspora was, to me, on another level I have no problem slogging through a litany of technical details when there is an overall plot.

After a few hours I lost interest waiting for one to show up in the narrative. I just finished it the other day as well! I also struggled with some of the abstract details behind the TVC universe and "Dust Theory", but I really enjoyed the examination of uploaded consciousness and "life in a computer".

Permutation City by Greg Egan

It's crazy to think the this book was originally published in I agree with the others, Disapora is a fantastic novel. It has an epic scale and such a depth of imagination.

Yeah the dust theory was a confusing one for me too, need to read that FAQ on Egan's website to try and figure it out. Vernor Vinge x Greg Egan crackfic.


That was amazing. There was a moment in there that gave me the same shiver of awe as reading Permutation City itself for the first time did. Yes definitely follow with Diaspora. Yet, Permutation City remains my favorite of his works. Loved getting lost in deeper and deeper technical description as how he manages to flip preconceived notions of solipsism on its head. I got a few chapters in but it was just a little too hard scifi for me, nothing was really grabbing me so I gave up.

Will I find enjoyment in it eventually if I just slog through?

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The beginning is definitely the most tech heavy, and IMO Egan has a bit too much fun detailing his "AutoVerse" at the expense of the reader. Later on it gets into the social and psychological implications of a world where people can be copied, which sounds like something more up your alley.

It also gets into some weird, big-idea theorizing that may or may not be to your tastes.

I'd at least try to get to the middle of the book which is the best part in my opinion to see if it turns into something you enjoy. I'm glad to hear the beginning is particularly heavy, most of the reason I stopped is because I thought the whole book was going to continue further down that road. It sounds like it does go on to explore things more to my tastes from your descriptions though, so I'll give it another shot!

Greg Egan quickly became one of my top 5 favourite writers, practically out of nowhere! Read Quarantine, Permutation City and Distress and.. A merciless beast. Allow me to elaborate: It is just a pleasure to watch his ideas unfold, in full clarity, while at the same time crushing any sort of dissenting thoughts. I'm in for the roller coaster, and it is just pure pleasure that I'm there for the ride.

It seems Diaspora is quite well liked around here, so this will probably end up being my next read.

I thought it was a bit of an unsatisfying ending to just be left hanging and never know if it worked or not. Then I found out there was a whole second half of the book, but I haven't read that part yet. Let me recommend Egan's short story collection "Axiomatic. Been interested in reading a book about digitized copies of minds. Karl Schroeder's Engines of Recall piqued my interest so I'll have to pick up this one. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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