Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is an Indian consumer goods company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Width: Number of different product lines carries by the company. Length: Total number of items in the product mix of the company. HUL PRODUCT MIX. 1. 1 Hindustan Unilever Limited Annexure-V- Cover Page for Academic Tasks Course Code: MKT Course Title. Hindustan Unilever is an Indian public ltd company owned by another company Unilever that holds 67% of its shares. Hindustan Unilever deals in various brands and has many products under its belt. In order to reach the rural market, Hindustan Unilever has a four-tier system of.

Product Mix Of Hul Pdf

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Product Mix HUL - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Marketing Mix - HUL - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Product mix, also known as product assortment, refers to the total number of product lines that a company offers to its customers. HUL (Hindustan Unilever Ltd.) This Company is earlier known as Hindustan Lever Ltd. .. Value Chain.

Types of product There are several types of products involved in Submitted To Submitted By Mr. This Company is earlier known as Hindustan Lever Ltd.

HUL (Hindustan Unilever) Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

The marketing mix framework consists of 7Ps considering the modern scenario Booms and Bitner, , cited in Rafiq and Ahmed, This is an improvement over the original marketing mix of 12 elements Borden, , cited in Rafiq and Ahmed, The marketing mix of a company plays a very crucial role in its success. This essay discusses how Nike, Inc.

Nike, Inc. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, India.

The company provides employment for more than 41, employees. With its 20 plus brands it announces its presence to various consumer segments.

Product Mix HUL

HUL covers about 6. The HUL products have made their presence in our country so strong Any business, or part of a business can choose which strategy to employ, or which mix of strategic options to use. This is one simple way of looking at Strategic development options.

Returning customers are happy customers, this helps the company to progress and grow.

Word of mouth is a form of publicity for the company, by telling friends and family, it helps create reviews for a product guaranteeing it It was , when Karsanbhai Patel started door-to-door selling of his detergent powder, priced at an astonishing Rs. It was really an innovative, quality product — with indigenous process, packaging and low-profiled A product is defined in three levels; core, actual, and augmented. The core of the product is the benefit it offers the consumer.

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For the example of colas, it could be refreshment, energy sugar and caffeine , alertness, or just pleasure. The soda itself is the actual product. The augmented product for a cola could be the recognition In this report, the purpose was compared and contrasted which 4Ps is better to the Pepsi and wanted more people to download it. The thesis was compare and contrasts the Pepsi with the competitor - Coca Cola.

Marketing Mix - HUL

So the report needed find some information and interview some people. And the key conclusion and Their apparel assortment includes items such as fitness pants, shorts, tops and jackets that are designed for healthy lifestyle activities such as yoga, running and general fitness.

Although Lululemon benefits from the growing number of people that participate in yoga, they believe the percentage of their products sold for other activities will continue It is sold in many places such as retail stores, restaurants, schools, cinemas and from vending machines. The drink Actual Product - Brand name — keep the original Madam Tussaud name All categories and products together are said to be Business portfolio.

Thus, the various entities of your business portfolio may move forward by a different pace and with a different strategy. The BCG analysis actually helps you in deciding which entities in your business portfolio are actually The products made by HUL are suitable for any market whether its rural or urban.

Example:- Advertisement of Surf Excel with a tagline Dhundte rehe jao ge creating a huge increase in its sales. The consistency is always found in the products of HUL because of proper combination of various factors like price, weight, quality etc.

Programme Competitor Fit:- As HUL has many competitor, it has to keep pace with them in terms of cost of product, profitability, marketing strategies.

The company creates awareness about their provides through various promotional activities, which makes first time downloader download the product. Retention R :- HUL produces quality products, which makes consumer feels safe.

This is achieved by a mutual exchange and fulfillment of promises. Reducing prices on download of bulk quantities. Get Rs 10 off download of 2 kg surf excel Free gift offers. Exploring the rural population of India by making them brand conscious about their products.The company International is reinvesting and expanding posted earnings of Rs In fact, company should put on promotional activities like advertisement, brand celebrity serious effort to reach all the segments in the market through and on other promotional schemes.

This results in insights that times more, on average, than our major tell us where the innovation opportunities competitors. According to the respondents, the money spent respondents i. Both are carrying their shopping definitely come out with a protest.

A product mix has three dimensions:

Therefore in the study it is suggested to make a fine range of products and services. In every product line, to come from this line.

According to this study, market, as if they are catering to the needs of the mass HUL stand out as a most admired company in terms of the market.

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