Request PDF on ResearchGate | A Very British Coup | This chapter focuses on the next significant stage of the story of British anti-capitalist mobilizations: the G8 . Former steel worker Harry Perkins, has, against all the odds, led the Labour Party to a stunning victory at the general election. His manifesto includes the. Editorial Reviews. thtonmonnixilon.tk Yet another astonishing example of the daring and intelligence of British television, A Very British Coup imagines what might.

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A Very British Coup is a novel by British politician Chris Mullin. The novel has twice been . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. However, it is the three-part serial A Very British Coup, adapted for Channel 4 by Alan Plater from the novel by Labour MP Chris Mullin and directed by Mick. This chapter focuses on the next significant stage of the story of British Download book PDF In fact, he said with a wan smile, 'it was a very British coup'.

The intruders had failed either to get people to leave or to take over the switchboard that channelled all communications with the outside world. However, they or someone else had managed to send a message to Sky News, which had promptly turned up with cameras and interviewer.

A very British coup: Lessons from the draft UK Regulations for Cubesats

The police had also arrived but were unable to do anything; instead they explained the rather convoluted procedures whereby they could not enter the building to remove the protesters, but they could intervene if our attempts to remove them were resisted. The drama was then played out partly in front of the media and partly behind closed doors.

The handful of us in the building at the time included Martin Jacques , the editor of Marxism Today. It would be a near half-decade before the idea of New Labour began to take shape under Tony Blair and even longer before Mulgan was to become director of policy at 10 Downing Street.

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The chaos subsided into stalemate, with The Leninist vanguard sitting defiantly on the stairs and refusing to budge. A couple of hours passed without progress or solution, with neither side prepared to leave and the police bemusedly looking on.

By this time it was evening. We decided to hold an impromptu meeting of the remaining office colleagues. This they did and The Leninist contingent left the building to a subdued rendition of The Internationale.

By the time A Very British Coup was published, in , the political climate was even more propitious. Prompted by the imminent arrival of cruise missiles, CND demonstrations were attracting crowds in excess of , The establishment was getting so twitchy that, as we later learned, Michael Heseltine had set up a special unit in the Ministry of Defence to counter the impact of CND.

The US was getting twitchy too. When A Very British Coup was published I was editor of the political weekly Tribune, and we were selling the book by mail order through the paper. A few days after the first advert appeared we were intrigued to receive an order from the US embassy.

We duly dispatched a copy and waited to see what would happen next. We did not have to wait long.

An invitation arrived to lunch with the minister, the most important man at the embassy after the ambassador. He even sent his bullet-proof Cadillac to Tribune's modest headquarters in Gray's Inn Road to convey me to his mansion in Kensington.

At first I assumed that I was one of a number of guests, but no: there was just the minister, two of his colleagues, an Asian butler and myself. It contained an internal US state department memorandum addressed to US diplomats in London listing a number of questions they were to put to "authorised contacts" in London regarding the balance of power within the Labour party and opinion regarding the US bases in general and the impending arrival of cruise missiles in particular.

A very British coup

Although, in retrospect, we can see they had no cause for concern, there is no doubt that alarm bells were ringing in Washington. A Very British Coup attracted attention elsewhere too.

It was helpfully denounced in the correspondence columns of the Times, and as a result sales in Hatchards of Piccadilly almost matched those at the leftwing bookshop Collets. When it comes to selling books, a high-profile denunciation is worth half a dozen friendly reviews and I have always done my best to organise one.

Thereafter interest might have faded, but for events conspiring to make it topical. His job?

Stamping upturned Christmas trees on the personnel files of BBC employees he deemed to be unsuitable for promotion. What's more, he also had a spy on the general council of CND - and in due course the MI5 defector Cathy Massiter revealed that there had indeed been such a spy.Close Modal.

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