Demonglass. Home · Demonglass Author: Hawkins Rachel. 31 downloads Views Demonglass (A Hex Hall Novel Book #2). Read more. Recommend. Demonglass (A Hex Hall Novel Book #2). Home · Demonglass (A Hex Hall Novel Book #2) Author: Rachel Hawkins KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB. Series: Hex Hall (Book 2) Teens and reviewers alike have fallen in love with Demonglass’ humor, forbidden romance, suspense, and delicious paranormal fun. Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch, which was why she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka.

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Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall Series in EPUB File Format #1 HEX HALL Three years ago, Sophie #2 DEMONGLASS Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch. Acemi Cadı – Rachel Hawkins PDF e-kitap indir. Rachel HawkinsBook 1Reform Spell Bound (Hex Hall Series #3) Submit a review and become a Faerytale. Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch. That was the whole reason she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka witches.

One of the drawbacks of traveling by Itineris—a kind of magical portal that can take you from one place to another—is how rough it was on your body. I was actually shaking. Of course, that might have been from all the adrenaline. Ifelt like my heart was trying to throw itself out of my chest. I took a deep breath and tried to calm my racing pulse. The Itineris had dropped me off…well, somewhere.

Wherever it was, it was quiet and hot. Iran my hands over the ground under me. A few rocks. Some sticks. I took a ragged breath and thought about lifting my head. Groaning, Iclenched my teeth and decided now was as good a time as any to take stock. Thanks to a binding spell, that magic was gone. Well, not gone exactly; I could still feel it fluttering inside me like a butterfly under glass.

Also gone? My best friend, Jenna. And my dad. And Archer, the guy I was in love with. Yeah, my love life was complicated. For a second, the pain in my head was nothing compared to the pain in my chest as I thought about the four of them. If it had been taken from her in the daylight, the sun would kill her. Then there was Dad. At least I still had my magic, useless as it was. Archer had been with him, and as far as I knew, they had both still been locked in that cell when Thorne Abbey was attacked.

Still been trapped there when the Council used Daisy, another demon, to set Thorne Abbey on fire. Cal had gone into the burning mansion to save them, but not before telling me to take the Itineris to find my mom, who was, for some reason, with Aislinn Brannick, leader of a group of monster hunters.

Maybe I could just lie here and wait for Mom to find me. That would be convenient. Isighed as the wind rustled the leaves overhead. Yep, that was a solid plan. Lie here on the ground and wait for someone to come to me. A bright light suddenly seared against my closed eyelids, and I winced, raising my hand to ward off whatever it was.

When I opened my eyes, I honestly expected to see one of the Brannicks standing there, maybe with a torch or a flashlight. The ghost of Elodie Parris, to be exact, standing at my feet, glaring down at me, arms crossed. She was glowing so brightly that I squinted as I sat up. Elodie had been murdered by my great-grandmother nearly a year ago long story , and thanks to a little shared magic between us before she died, her ghost was now tied to me.

She moved her mouth, but no sounds came out. From her expression and the little bit of lip-reading I could do, I thought that was probably a good thing.

Lots of them. And not much else. I sighed and looked around. Like, way hotter than it was at Thorne.

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Finally, I worked out that it was: But Cal said my mom was with them. What I do know is that apparently the Itineris sucks, because the only scary redhead Isee around here is you.

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Another howl, this one closer. In the distance, I could hear something crashing through the underbrush. For a second I thought about running, but my knees were so rubbery that just standing was a challenge. No way could Ioutrun a werewolf.

Which meant staying and fighting. Or, you know, staying and getting mauled. I felt my powers stir in the pit of my stomach, and a sudden terror shot through me.

I was normal, I reminded myself. Just a regular seventeen-year-old girl, about to face against a werewolf with nothing more than…Okay, well, Idid have a big-ass sword and a ghost.

That had to count for something. Iglanced over at Elodie. She was staring into the woods, looking vaguely bored. Are you even a little bit concerned about that? Iread her lips: The sounds got louder, and Ihoisted the sword higher. Then, with a snarl, something large and furry leaped through the trees. Igave a little shriek, and even Elodie jumped back. Well, floated back. For a moment, all three of us were frozen, me holding the sword like a baseball bat, Elodie hovering a few feet off the ground, the Were crouched in front of us.

I had no idea if it was a boy or a girl werewolf, but I thought it was young. White froth dripped from its snout. Werewolves are kind of drooly. It lowered its head, and I clutched the sword tighter, waiting for it to spring. But instead of leaping to rip my throat out, the werewolf made a low keening sound, almost like it was crying.

I looked in its eyes, which were disturbingly human. Yep, definitely tears. And fear. Lots of it. It was panting hard, and I got the feeling it had been running for a while. Something had scared this werewolf, and there were only a few things Icould think of that could do that. Scary Irish Prodigium hunters? Way up on that list.

The werewolf and I were plunged into darkness. I cursed, and the werewolf made a growl that sounded like the same word.


And then everything erupted at once. I heard a brief scuffle, followed by a sharp yelp. Then the only sound was my own breath, bellowing in and out of my lungs.

Icaught a movement out of the corner of my eye, and instinctively stepped toward it, still holding the sword out in front of me. Suddenly, a bright light, much brighter than Elodie had been, shone directly in my face. Iclosed my eyes, and stumbled.

Another hit, this one to the back of my legs, and suddenly Iwas on my back. A weight settled on my chest as bony knees pressed both of my arms to the ground.

Lara Cassnoff Mrs. Cassnoff's sister. Second in command of the Council. Evil witch that was raising a bunch batch? Daisy Another demon Lara raised. Nick's girlfriend in the end. Kristopher Was a Shifter and member in the Council that died at the end of the second book.

Roderick Was a Faerie and member in the Council that died at the end of the second book. Elizabeth Was a Werewolf and member in the Council that died at the end of the second book.

Aislinn Brannick Big Mamma Brannick. Sister of Grace Brannick. Torin A warlock that attempted a spell back in that landed him in a mirror. Has the power of prophecy. Hex Hall[ edit ] The story introduces Sophie Mercer as a witch who is ordered to attend school at Hex Hall after a long series of unfortunate spells that threaten to reveal the Prodigium world to the general human population, the spell that sent her to Hex Hall was a love spell that worked way to well.

Reluctant, stubborn, and sarcastic, Sophie finds herself at odds with many people at Hex Hall, including a coven of dark witches and popular warlock Archer Cross.

She becomes good friends with her vampire roommate, Jenna Talbot, despite the fact that Jenna was suspected the year before of murdering a classmate. As Sophie attempts to adapt to this new world and learning to control her powers, the school is thrown into chaos after two other students are found attacked, drained of nearly all their blood. Jenna is again suspected of the attacks and is sent away for interrogation, despite Sophie's attempts to clear her best friend's name.

Meanwhile, Sophie's great-grandmother, Alice, appears and extends the offer to help Sophie with her magic. Grateful for the help, Sophie is shocked to discover that she is much more powerful than she initially believed. After getting in trouble with a teacher, Sophie is forced to spend time with Archer; the two fall in love, but Sophie is dismayed upon learning Archer is a member of The Eye, an Italian-based organization seeking to exterminate the Prodigium population, as they believe they are evil demons.

Her life is thrown into further turmoil upon the discovery that her great-grandmother, Alice, is actually a demon who is responsible for the deaths at Hex Hall who was raised by the dark coven to help Prodigium defeat The Eye. Sophie ends up killing Alice with a special sword made of demonglass a rare substance only found in hell , and learns that since she has demon blood, she could revert to demon nature and kill someone she loves, as did her grandmother, killing her grandfather.

Rachel Hawkins

Sophie decides to go to London, and go through the Removal, which will take away her demon side. Demonglass[ edit ] After learning that she is not a witch but in fact a demon, Sophie requests to go through a process known as The Removal. Her father who's actually the head of The Council, James Artherton, denies her request, persuading her to visit him in London at Thorne Abbey over the summer to learn to control her powers.

She agrees to his proposal and travels to England with Jenna and Cal. Upon arriving, she meets the remaining members of The Council as well as two children, Nick and Daisy, who had been turned into demons. Sophie and her father begin to work on mastering her powers, culminating in Sophie helping her father steal an ancient spell book they believe will help them turn Nick and Daisy human once again.

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However, they discover the relevant pages in the book have been removed. Feeling neglected by and resentful of Jenna, who is enamored with her new girlfriend and desires to move away and join a vampire coven, Sophie begins to bond with Cal and attempts to befriend Nick and Daisy. While at a Prodigium night club, Sophie and the others narrowly escape an attack by The Eye, who are looking for Sophie.

Among the members of the attack is Archer, who secretly gives Sophie a magical coin she can use to communicate with him. Sophie ignores Archer's repeated attempts to talk to her, though later gives in when Archer attends her birthday party in disguise. After Sophie is attacked at the party, she and Archer use a portal called an Itineris to travel to Hex Hall, where they are attacked by humans that were used to be turned in to demons also known as ghouls. Upon returning to England, Sophie confesses everything to her father, including the fact that she suspects the Casnoffs the headmistress of Hex Hall and part of the Council to be behind Nick and Daisy's demon transformations.

Elodie, who was previously murdered by Sophie's great-grandmother, appears as a ghost to warn Sophie of Archer being attacked by Nick.

Sophie convinces Cal to heal Archer, who is immediately imprisoned by Sophie's father. The next day, Sophie is sentenced to go through the Removal, and her powers are rendered useless. The Casnoffs' reveal they were indeed behind the demon raisings and subsequently force Sophie's father to go through the Removal as well.

Cal instructs Sophie to use the Itineris to go to her mother, who is currently staying with the Brannicks, one of the enemies of the Prodigium, and he kisses her. The novel ends as Sophie steps through the doorway.

Spell Bound[ edit ] Sophie arrives at the homestead of the Brannicks, an ancient female clan that has been at war with the Prodigium, whose numbers are now dwindling. After being reunited, Sophie's mother explains that she was born into the Brannick's clan, but chose not to fight in the war against the Prodigium.

At first wary of one another, Sophie and the Brannicks slowly begin to warm to each other. Meanwhile, Sophie reluctantly finds herself a companion in Elodie, and the two discover that Sophie is able to tap into her powers while Elodie is inhabiting her body. After some time, Jenna and Archer manage to find Sophie, though almost immediately they are transported back to Hex Hall via a spell cast by the Casnoffs, who are using the school to imprison all of the recent Prodigium students.

The Casnoffs plan on raising demons through the students, experimenting on which type of Prodigium will adapt best to the spell. While imprisoned at Hex Hall, the students—particularly Archer—undergo both physical and mental torture orchestrated by the Casnoffs. Meanwhile, Sophie finds herself conflicted between her love for both Cal and Archer, which is complicated by Elodie's intruding. Sophie and the others learn of the Casnoffs ultimate plan, which is to raise an army of demons in a misguided attempt to protect the Prodigium from humans.

Sophie and the others manage to escape Hex Hall through the Itineris after Sophie manages to regain her powers through sheer, desperate willpower. Sophie is reunited with her parents and the Brannicks, who explain they cannot defeat the demons that have been raised without the help of demonglass; Sophie, Jenna, Archer, and Cal journey to the Underworld to retrieve it, where they are forced to witness memories related to their tragic pasts.

Sophie vows to kill the Casnoffs and break the demon spells, returning the Prodigium to their true forms. A battle breaks out between the Casnoffs and Sophie's group. At first outnumbered, Archer manages to persuade a sect of The Eye to join in on the battle, in an attempt to help defeat a common enemy.

Sophie and the others manage to defeat the Casnoffs and break the spell, however, Cal dies after sacrificing himself to save Sophie. In the subsequent aftermath of the battle, Sophie is called into a meeting with The Council, who offer her the position of Council Head, after witnessing her demonstrations of leadership and power in the fight against the Casnoffs.See if you have enough points for this item.

A loud chattering noise filled my head, and Irealized it was my teeth. Ratings and Book Reviews 7 73 star ratings 7 reviews. Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch. His parents were killed by his uncle, and his cousin Nick who had been born a demon had tried to kill him not once, but twice.

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