12 Results IELTS 5 Practice Tests, General Set 1: Tests No. Volume 2 (High Scorer's Choice). 12 April by Simone Braverman and Robert Nicholson. Read ACe for IELTS book reviews & author details and more at Paperback: 68 pages; Publisher: Simone Braverman; 2nd Revised edition edition . Simone Braverman is the founder of www. Related posts: IELTS test in Taiwan – January (Academic Module) Our kind . Books By Simone Braverman.

Simone Braverman Ielts Book

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"Dear Simone, Thanks to your Ace the IELTS book,I have achieved the score that I need! . My name is Simone Braverman, I am the founder of This excellent self-study book for intense IELTS preparation in a few weeks is designed to help students achieve their best personal score. All IELTS tips,. Looking for books by Simone Braverman? See all books authored by Simone Braverman, including Ielts Objetivo Band 7: M dulo Acad mico Ielts - C mo.

The less you read, the more time you save!

Do you know where to start when it comes to preparation? Try to find out where you need to focus as soon as possible. You can do a practice test at home under real exam conditions.

Do the Listening test without stopping the recording and do the Reading test within 60 minutes. When you finish, take a look at where you got stuck. Did you run out of speaking ideas? You will be trained to: 1 Avoid missing answers by keeping up with the recording, even when it goes fast.


You will be able to recognize clues to the answers and solve all types of tasks in the most time-saving way. You will find out what kind of traps there might be, when synonyms or generalizations are used to confuse you, or when the speaker is taking back something that was just said.

There are tips how to use instructions in the booklet to avoid making mistakes that cost you marks. You will know when and where spelling and grammar are important.

Even copying answers to the Answer Sheet will become an opportunity to increase your score because of the techniques you will learn. The test includes Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections, a Listening recording and transcript showing the answers in sentences, a sample Speaking test recording with a transcript and an examiner's commentary explaining the estimated band score.

The answers for the test include model responses for Writing Task 1 and Task 2. You will get Pocket tips to bring with you on the day of your exam, to quickly go through all the important techniques and refresh everything that matters in your memory. You will be given a 3-weekly step-by-step study plan to make sure all of your skills are in the best possible shape on the day of your exam.

This study plan will help you make the most of your studying hours. No time will be wasted and you will be getting progress every day. No more procrastinating, wondering what skill to concentrate on or what task to practice - just follow the plan.

Common mistaken beliefs - is this what YOU think, too?

This book is written in simple English for everyday people. Instead of helping you, they distract you from your main goal, which is to get a high score in IELTS. I am not trying to impress you with all the smart words I know - my mission is to make sure you score the best you can in IELTS.

This is why anyone who has enough English to manage living and working in an English-speaking country can read and understand my books. If I had a coin for every time a native English speaker told me "I wonder why my answers were wrong, I was convinced they were right!

This is so embarrassing…" I'd be filthy rich now. Another reason is the crushing factor of time pressure - and we all tend to panic when there's not enough time, no matter what our first language is. Of course you would get all the answers right, if you had the time. But the reality is that there are a lot of questions to be answered, a lot of writing to be done, and very little time to do it.

As people are busier today than ever, time became a precious commodity and we have limited amounts of it. People, who spend their time on things that have the biggest impact on their score, get better marks.

This is incorrect. I am personally committed to helping you, which is why I am working 7 days a week to be available for you, when you need me.

IELTS 5 Practice Tests General Test 6-10

Not just me, but the whole team of the IELTS-Blog evaluators is working 6 days a week to help you find out what your mistakes are and how you can score much, much higher. Let me ask you: What price would YOU put on something that opens a door to your successful future?

What price would YOU place on something that removes the one factor that holds you back from achieving your goals and living your dreams? Just do the math. Not bad, ha? What else do you gain? That time you could spend on what really matters - your family, your friends, yourself.

It made me realize how important it is to have it all - tips, techniques and practice - in one package.

You're not going to pay even half of that. Consider this a huge discount and save the money for your future studies, visa application fees or use it to register with your professional organization. But, even with discount, I want to prove you how serious I am about being able to help you with your IELTS preparation and maximize your score.

Target Band 7: How to Maximize Your Score (IELTS Academic Module)

I am going to back my promise with my money. And, if your preparation wasn't transformed, simply let me know and you will get a complete refund. Plus, if at any point you don't feel that Ace the IELTS is the solution that will achieve you the score you need, just let me know and you will get a complete refund. Your investment is protected and guaranteed.

If you won't, you will kick yourself later. You will discover the exact way to write and speak in the IELTS test to get the highest possible result. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. site Edition. Next page. Blog post. Listening test Section 1. About a recycling company and its activity. Section 2. The application process for a job at the office and a job description.

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Hold the mouse over underlined words in blue to see suggested corrections. IELTS essay, topic:You can read this page e-book in one day - in case you are time-poor and have found this website just days before your exam. Make up interesting details in addition to the original idea. You will understand how making assumptions and over-thinking can harm your score, and how to stop doing it.

You will learn about all the 3 parts of the Speaking test: Interview, Cue card and Discussion, what happens in each part, what kind of questions to expect and how long your answers should be.

The format of the exam is described and explained - after you've read the first pages of the book you will know what sections there are, how long each section takes and what you need to do in each section.

You will find out what Writing Task you should do first to maximize your score - Task 1 or Task 2 - and why it matters. You need to decide what kind of topic you have got, an A, H or S.

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