Bianca D'Arc lives on Long Island, in New York. She is the daughter of Inferno. Tales of the Were (Series). Book 2. Bianca D'Arc Author (). cover image of. Bianca D'Arc - Award winning author of paranormal, sci fi and fantasy romance. Inferno book. Read 42 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A forbidden union forged in love and tempered in hellfire. One last task.

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Book 4. Inferno. by Bianca D'Arc. · 1, Ratings · 42 Reviews · published · 7 editions. A forbidden union forged in love and tempered in More. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bianca D'Arc has run a laboratory, climbed the corporate ladder in the shark-infested streets of Manhattan, studied and. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bianca D'Arc started her professional life running a 1. Lords of the Were (Tales of the Were Bianca D'Arc · out of 5 stars (89). $ 2. Inferno (Tales of the Were Book 2) · Bianca D'Arc · out of 5 stars (44).

Because it seems to me we won't see Duncan getting his own book anytime soon. So yeah, he was written in a way that he was used big time. Aggravated me. Probably why it's taking me so long to read this. It's losing my interest. And probably because I saw better chemistry when all three were together, but hey, just my opinion, I guess. I didn't find this book as hot as the first and I'm not a big fan of twins with the same woman.

But I'm not finished and pushing through this book even though I'm not as immersed as I was with the first. So I will update. The inconsistencies are a big problem for me. Another is the very fact she discusses not using the backdoor during sex It's like the act is happening for the very first time at every sexual interaction they have.

It's highly annoying. I'm surprised no one noticed this at all. Another spoiler from the last book. Don't read this unless you've read the first. But my issue is that there is so much emphasis on the fact Dante got rid of a character that is of importance to a family in this one, yet he aided. It was Allie the Priestess who banished that character whom Dante is being blamed for. That was a very big pet peeve how that wasn't argued with the bad villains of the story.

They knew what Patrick was up to, yet they don't follow through and assume it's Dante? Dante helped, along with Duncan, but it was ultimately Allie who banished this Patrick. This character is the reason behind a revenge vendetta against Dante. I understand why they think it's him BUT they are so wrong. And why when it does get pointed out it wasn't him, it's brushed off. I get the reasons for going after Dante, because I won't say that spoiler, but seriously they needed to go to the source too.

Too many things just weren't consistent with the truth of the first book. I had a very hard time with a certain joining too.

There was nothing spectacular about it. Just words spoken of We are one. Yet, Dante shares a bond with Tim from the first book and even more so with Duncan from the first book and even this book.

I'm going to spoil this right now so read at your own discretion: But given there was sex between Duncan, Megan, and Dante at one point. To control Dante's urge to feed he bit Duncan.

Um, I've read quite a few vampire bonding books, but this was very very weak. It would mean that Dante bonded with anyone he slept with. This one business was, too me, a cop out. Automatically joining them. I didn't find it romantic at all. I found it too convenient so that it was just the two. As I'm sure it was intended to begin with.

I really wished I did find it romantic and a great joining, but I didn't. But this book wasn't anywhere in the same caliber as the first of this series. I kinda want to grab Duncan out of this book and give him something times better than these two. D'arc definitely throws him to the side, but loves to tell you the reader that he's okay with it.

I wouldn't have been. I still have an issue that she changed how magic users rid poison. It just didn't fit. I still believe it was to add the spice of multiple partners. Because come on! How the heck can a poisoned nearly dying vamp manage to have sex???? Yeah I'm not going to totally spill on that scene, but seriously? It makes you wonder how this technique of ridding poison wasn't used in Lord's of the Were when Duncan shows up. I'm just stumped how details can change so quickly from each book.

Yes, I'm into details and certain details done jive with the first book. Final Update: I'm hoping this isn't the case with the rest of the Were series because I totally loved the first book! And now finishing this story A lot didn't add up to the previous book. I wonder how the ending will come about if we don't see much of a certain character being tagged by a certain familiar.

The joining between these two Dante and Megan, was kinda cheesy and way too romanticized to be believable at times. And I'm still smarting about the fact that she needs to be something else.

Bianca D'Arc - Inferno (pdf).pdf

She is part something, part were, and part human. She should have long life expectancy, yet I think we are to assume she doesn't, which negates what we read in the first book. I just don't get that. Some things with these details just boggled my mind. I'm sorry I tried to like this story. A lot of it was telling with some bits of it showing then right back to telling.

I don't know some things were contradicting the first story and then this one takes on a new leaf, so to speak. I get making two characters the be all, but it was overly done. Kinda like without you, we are so dead, it's up to these two. Yet, when it was done for the Lords of the Were, it was tastefully done.

It worked. For these two it was pushed and pushed. You find yourself really pulling for another trio to come together, but it's NOT going to happen. Yet, he does MORE heroic and amazing things during this entire book, and he amazed me the most aside from some special characters that came on the scene!

I was not connecting well with Megan or Dante in this story. I swear even with the first part of the book, I wanted Duncan to find his happiness. And, at this point, I don't think we will see it any time soon. Unless of course it's thrown in there in later stories just to conclude his part in all of this.

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Rather sad, because I connected so much to him in the first book and this book. No doubt most won't agree with me, but the details killed me. Given the fact that I'm into details, this was disappointing because I do like Bianca's work. I hope to enjoy the rest of the series. I recommend read if you aren't a detail wolf like me lol , but I am not like the others with their praise for this book.

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I failed to review the last book, because I wanted to read this one. And I don't review every book either. This one I had to say something. I was really into Dante in the first book. This one he literally died in my eyes.

No connection. So yeah, disappointment. I hope Rocky is better! Jul 02, Reacherfan rated it really liked it. Inferno, an erotic romance story, is the second book in Tales of the Were series.

In book one, Lords of the Were, we met vampire Dante d'Angleterre, a knight turned vampire that helped battle the Mater Priori, Elspeth, Destroyer of Worlds generations ago. Venifucus, a sect of followers aiming to restore her to power, is again active and has infiltrated the Altor Custodis, a group of supposedly benign watchers of all magical beings from were to vampire to fey. They are the record keepers and as a Inferno, an erotic romance story, is the second book in Tales of the Were series.

They are the record keepers and as a group that accumulates information they are distrusted by those they watch. Duncan la Fey, a half-fey knight that was summoned to help the Were Lords in book one.

An old comrade in arms of Dante, he has stayed in the mortal realm. Duncan has been without female companionship for many years in his lonely exile for annoying the Fey Queen, so they go out to a bar. Dante is immediately drawn to a were female who returns his interest. Megan is trying to erase a blood debt her grandfathers incurred when as Were Lords they sanctioned the death of an innocent mage.

Spying on Dante is to be her last task for the Altor Custodis and her family honor will be reclaimed - even though she is the last of the line. The fast moving story has Dante being attacked as they leave the bar and Megan stepping in front of him when the second blast of fire is aimed his way.

Megan's were blood allows her to survive and heal quickly in Dante's home where he and Duncan can look after her. Problems compound when it's discovered that Megan's blood has been poisoned so any vampire who drinks from her will die, she is under a compulsion not even Duncan can break to never mention her superior at Altor Custodis. A second attack is made on Dante and soon the supernaturals are banding together to find the evil mage hunting Dante and the name of man who is Megan's superior at AC.

Only that mage's death will break the spell that's poisoned Megan's blood and prevents Dante from fully bonding with her. There are prophesies being fulfilled and Dante has a major part. There are some disconcerting slips in the use of slang and idioms that would be out of character for both an ancient vampire and a fey knight that's been in isolation from all worlds for hundreds for years.

There are several menage scenes, but despite being erotic romance, sex is not a substitute for story. It's a story with beings with a strong sexual nature and within that context it felt right. Sep 01, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh my did this one hit the spot.

I actually can say my favorite quote is: Her ways are mysterious, but She never gives anyone more than they can handle. Those with the purest hearts sometimes suffer the most on their journeys. You, Dante, have been proven a man of honor time and time again though you suffered greatly. Perhaps this is your reward. There is reward if the light is still within you. I've really started to like Dante, the first book made me want to slap his ego around, but now that Megan is in the story it's changing quickly.

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And Duncan! I'm still slapping myself that I've not read this series before. Sep 21, Cindyg rated it really liked it. Another winner by Ms. Again we are entertained by a vampire, a were and fey. And I loved them all.

There is intensity, determination, love and let's not forget those hot and steamy menage a trois I liked book one and liked this one even better. Highly recommend. I don't quite know how long I've had this book, but, I'm devastated by how long it has dat here in my site without reading it! What a gen to find!!! This book was artfully crafted and arranged for maximum enjoyment!!! I loved reading about the characters from the last book in this series and now I'm ready to read about Duncan!!!

This book compounds upon some of the characters from the first book and brings in some New ones!!! Simply an amazing read!!! One of Your Greatest Fans, Lena seLdom Lenadel I don't quite know how long I've had this book, but, I'm devastated by how long it has dat here in my site without reading it! Aug 14, Daniela rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mucho mejor,que el libro anterior. Jul 25, Fatimama rated it did not like it.

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Shelve Bearliest Catch.The Queen's Witch - Karen Chance. Shadow Play. I have struggled with both of these books, but I can't put my fingers on what it is that doesn't appeal to me. Inferno 2. Update: The inconsistencies are a big problem for me. The Heir 4 Summary: Still an absorbing tale. Hidden Talent 2. A former chemist, she tends to mix genres, concentrating most of her writing in the paranormal, sci fi, fantasy and futuristic realms, with some contemporary and urban fantasy thrown in for fun.

At which point pisses me off at times.

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